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Project Description


The modern and high-capacity ship with 97 outside cabins was built in the “TwinCruiser design” and thus offers special advantages for both charterers and passengers. By separating the propulsion and passenger units, passengers experience an extremely comfortable and quiet ride.

In addition, this special design means that the ship has almost exclusively cabins with French balconies. On the one hand, the innovative cabin design prevents noise pollution from neighbouring cabins and, on the other hand, enables this high bed capacity with maximum operational flexibility on European rivers at the same time. For small groups or families, the ship also has cabins with up to four beds.

Year built: 2006
2017 partly renovated
Registered in: Switzerland
Length/width: 135 x 11,4 m
Decks: 4
Cabins: 97
Passebgers: 194 maximal

Deck plan