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STARLING FLEET has a large fleet of modern river cruise ships operating on the most important European inland waterways.

As a “white label provider”, the company offers these ships for charter under transportation contracts or bareboat charter contracts to national and international tour operators.

Depending on the preferred contract model, we provide not only the ship itself but also the  management services required for operation, i.e. nautical and technical support as well as the hotel and catering management.

The official branding will be in the corporate design of the chartering tour operator.

STARLING FLEET itself remains anonymous and operates exclusively in the B2B sector.

In addition, STARLING FLEET acts as a financing partner for new ship construction projects or brokerage of second-hand purchases of river cruise ships.



Hospitality Expertise from the Market Leader
River Hospitality is the market leader in Europe for individual white label hospitality and catering services for tour operators and shipping companies. The company is “invisible” on board the ships and adapts to the tour operator’s corporate identity and corporate values.

River Hospitality Ltd.
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Nautische Expertise since 2007
River Nautical offers customised services modularly adapted to the DNA of business partners such as tour operators and shipping companies. The nautical crew is managed by specialists in the competence centres in Basel and Zug. River Nautical is the market leader in this market segment.

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